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Mar 13, 2006
Leaked memo from Intel shows Major Linux Effort

Again, we want to understand how Intel can champion a Linux PC in China where it expects to sell hundreds of millions of units, but either can't or won't champion one here.

The machine is not a stripped-down bargain unit, according to project leaders in Beijing. The first farmer-oriented PC released today is a really user-friendly PC, not a simplified PC, said Ma Lin, director of BMSTC.

Now, ask any mainstream reporter from ZDnet, C/Net, ComputerWorld, Forbes.com, USA Today and the New York Times about Linux computers. They will say in unison that a user-friendly Linux PC does not exist. Linux is hard, doesn't have the drivers to work with standard Intel-type hardware, much less the newer hardware from China. No one wants it, they want Windows!

On the Proposed Final Judgment in United States v. Microsoft

"Yet the Proposed Final Judgment allows many exclusionary practices to continue, and does not take any direct measures to reduce the Applications Barrier to Entry faced by new entrants to the market."

Peace, Love and Linux.

"IBM spends $5 billion a year on R&D. And we're putting a billion dollars behind Linux. But even all that is nothing compared to what the Linux community will generate spontaneously."

"Like the Internet, Linux is the next open, freely accessible standard around which the IT and developer world is rallying. Once the standard is agreed upon, innovation and progress accelerate. Linux is the agreement."

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